Welcome to M-fox.org a fansite dedicated to the lovely actress Megan Denise Fox-Green. Megan Fox shot to fame with her role as Mikaela Banes in 2007 blockbuster movie, Transformer's. Since then she has been in movies like Jonah Hex, Jennifer's Body, Friends with Kids, This is 40 and her upcoming movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Here on M-fox.org we will provide you will the lastest news, gossip and pictures. For more information please read our disclaimer or fill free to email me at mfoxorg@gmail.com if you have any questions.

A very pregnant Diablo Cody interviews Megan inside her airstream trailer. They talk about Megan moving to Hollywood at age 17 with her mother and living at Oakwood Apartments that house child-star actors like Shia LaBeouf and Hilary Duff. They talk about press sound bites and Kelly Ripa then play “Price is Right” in which Megan wins a singing fish. This is the carefree / relaxed Megan that I love the most!

Prodigiously talented though perhaps a tiny bit overexposed super vixen Megan Fox gained a dose of respectability with her lengthy profile in the Sunday New York Times last weekend. In it she tries to explain: This whole super sexy, smoldering pinup girl thing? All an act.

Women brand her as a whore because she is too pretty and smart to be anything but, she said, and the provocative things she says in interviews have little to do with her actual love life with longtime off-and-on boyfriend Brian Austin Green.

She’s tired of playing that archetype but proud of her media-manipulation skills. Some excerpts from the interview:

On being too pretty to be liked by women:

“Women tear each other apart. Girls think I’m a slut, and I’ve been in the same relationship since I was 18. The problem is, if they think you’re attractive, you’re either stupid or a whore or a dumb whore. The instinct among girls is to attack the jugular.”

On her alter-ego who gives outrageous interviews:

“When I sit down to talk to men’s magazines, there’s a certain character that I play. She’s not fully fleshed out, but she shows up to do men’s magazine interviews. There’s something so ridiculous about always being in your underwear in those magazines, and you know the interview is going to run opposite those pictures. So, there’s a character that talks to all of them.”

On getting paid to be ogled by men:

“I do live in a glass box. And I am on display for men to pay to look at me. And that bothers me. I don’t want to live that character.”

If you’re hoping to land a date with Megan Fox, you better treat your mom right! “I don’t like boys who are mean to their mommies,” Megan told People at the “Jennifer’s Body” premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival on Thursday night. “That’s a real turn off for me. And I don’t like boys who aren’t chivalrous. To me, not being respectful is a big deal.” Hey, in her current movie she eats guys – so we’re going to take her pretty serious on this matter.

Megan Fox has said admitted she is a bisexual – a revelation which could come as a welcome surprise to her boyfriend Brian Austin Green.

The Transformers actress said there was “no question in my mind” about her sexuality in a new magazine interview.

But despite enjoying the attention of both men and women, Megan added that her bisexuality had some clear ground rules.

“I’m also a hypocrite: I would never date a girl who was bisexual, because that means they also sleep with men, and men are so dirty that I’d never want to sleep with a girl who had slept with a man,” she said.

Megan joins a growing list of Hollywood stars, including Angelina Jolie and Lindsay Lohan, who have outed themselves as a bisexual.

In the interview with Esquire, the actress also launched an angry tirade against movie bosses who think she’s too good looking to appear in their film.

“It p*sses me when people f*cking complain that I’m too beautiful to get a part. That’s bullsh*t.’

“If I weren’t attractive I wouldn’t be working at all.”

The 22-year-old actress also claimed in the interview that her sexual confidence was completely natural.

The actress said she didn’t have to “turn on” the ability because it was “just there”.

Last week, as Megan Fox was leaving the London premiere of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, a young fan attempted to show his appreciation for the actress with a rose.

Unfortunately, his gentlemanly gesture was foiled due to all the paparazzi chaos surrounding Megan, and the above picture is what happened instead.

The boy has a look of desperation on his face while the object of his affection appears disgusted and annoyed. It is a perfect picture, just made for the kind of celebrity mockery that happens here on the Internet.

Collider.com gave Megs the opportunity to address the rose snub over the weekend and, for the first time, she actually said something sincere and real…

“I feel so sad for him. That kills me,” she says. “It breaks my heart. And if you know his name, I’ll send him a personal apology. I’m horrified—I would never do that. I’m sorry, sweet boy. I would never do that to you, and I would gladly accept your rose.”

Transformers beauty Megan Fox lost so much weight during a period of depression her hair started to fall out.

The star grew paranoid she was only successful as a result of her good looks, and deliberately piled on the pounds.

But her weight dropped dramatically when she became obsessed with her image while shooting scenes for upcoming movie Jennifer’s Body.

Fox plays a high school cheerleader who turns into a man-eating killer when she is possessed by a demon in the film.

And she tried to convince herself she was losing weight
in an effort to prepare for the role – but secretly knew it was because she felt so low.

Fox tells Britain’s Gq magazine, “Really my only job is to look attractive. I was so angry about that, that I went in the opposite direction. I turned into a really butch bull dyke for, like, six months… Then I went in the other direction. From being a giant motorcycle-riding lesbian, I turned into a zombie. I lost, like, 30 pounds.”

She adds, “I was like, ‘I’m losing weight for the movie’. I was telling myself I was being Method, which was so outrageous and ridiculous and not true.

“But I ended up getting sick and my hair started falling out and I was like, ‘Oh f**k. I can’t do this’… You lose too much weight, you’re not getting your vitamins, you get sick. I was really skinny. I was depressed.”

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